Casinos whose names are not yet known beyond all measure, are not infrequently in disrepute that fraud and rip-off could be on the agenda. Especially when a casino like 1xSlots Casino does not have a Maltese license, but rather a license from Curacao, some players are unsure whether the casino really has the seriousness it promises. We take a close look at the 1xSlot offer with the aim of comprehensively and objectively evaluating the seriousness and security of the online casino.


1xSlots experienceIs 1xSlots reputable? This question is asked by quite a few new customers or those who are interested in the provider and want to get an overview of the range of games and gaming options at 1xSlots. However, the fact that fraud is on the agenda at 1xSlot can be directly ruled out, even though some trustworthy seals – especially the player protection seals – are still rare. When looking at the different customer opinions, it becomes clear: There are no fundamental complaints at 1xSlots that question the general respectability of the provider.

Rather, individual details and points are complained about, which in many places can also be classified as a matter of taste. For example, people complain that the self-exclusion is a lengthy process that is more complex than necessary and requires several steps. Payouts sometimes take longer than the website promises. The fact that not all payment options can actually be used in all currencies is also somewhat misleading. For many customers, a filter that directly filters out the payment options that are not available in the respective currency would be desirable.

What is justified criticism for one player, someone else may classify as “complaining at a high level”. Basically, it can be stated that 1xSlots works with fair and reputable means and no customer has had to give up their money yet. About the individual details, everyone should form his own opinion after registration. Therefore: Sign up, deposit a small amount and put the 1xSlots portfolio through its paces yourself! The 1xSlots bonus offers a generous starting capital, with which there is no shortage of money even with smaller deposits.

Scam and rip-off or reputable casino?

The customer reviews show: 1xSlots still has blemishes here and there, but they will surely be mended over time. The basic thing, however, is much more important: If you sign up at 1xSlots Casino, you do not have to be afraid of fraud or dubious machinations. The license from Curacao is not the best known, but it sets similar standards as the well-known license from Malta, which is also often traded as a European license.

1xSlots outperforms its competitors in many aspects. One of these points is the truly generous bonus. Here it would certainly be easy for the operator of the casino to convince even more customers of their own offer. Instead of rewarding the first four deposits with a bonus totaling up to 1,500 euros, which are credited at different percentage rates, less would be more at the same time: a little less bonus and a more generous period for fulfilling the rollover requirements would help to make even the critics fall silent and learn to appreciate the offer of 1xSlots.

1xSlots transmits all sensitive data encrypted, of course, and gradually the seals and licenses that we have long known from European casinos are also added. However, that the absence of individual certificates and seals is a sign of a lack of seriousness and reliability would be rash. Regular customers who have been using the casino for a long time and independent tests from renowned portals prove it: Payouts happen quickly and reliably. No winner has had to wait too long for their winnings, let alone go without.

Payment options – possible problems with payouts and fees

Hardly any online casino offers as many, numerous payment options as 1xSlots. If you can’t find a payment option here, you’re probably really out of luck. It is noticeable that 1xSlots offers many payment options that guarantee commission-free payments.

However, customers should keep in mind: commission-free does not always mean fee-free at the same time. To keep potential fees as low as possible, the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits should always be kept in mind. 1xSlots also offers the option to make deposits quickly in the form of cryptocurrencies, in addition to the options provided by e-wallets. Not only the classic representatives Bitcoin and Ethereum are on board, but rather also new offshoots such as Bitcoin Cash.

Such a large selection of different payment options naturally also raises the question of whether each payment modality works flawlessly and with minimal disruptions. Basically, the casino operator is of course interested in offering only reputable payment options where no incidents occur.

In fact, incidents are rare. Deposits and withdrawals with the e-wallets work quickly and reliably. If problems occur, customers should contact the wallet provider if necessary. For example, limits may have been exhausted or other verification procedures in the third-party service area may not have been gone through yet.

Verification at the casino level is also important, of course. For the sake of its honest customers, 1xSlots wants to make sure that all registered customers requesting a withdrawal are genuine, real customers. In order to verify oneself with the provider, the scan or photograph of a photo ID from both sides is sufficient. In addition, the current bill of a utility company or the bill of a mobile phone provider may be requested. Here, the procedure at 1xSlots is not yet always uniform.

A good tip for all cases: It is best to carry out the verification directly after registration. This way, in case of a payout, there are no annoying waiting times that prolong the crediting of the amounts.

Bonus offer – turnover conditions realistic?

1xSlots offers its new customers a new customer bonus offer, which promises a bonus of up to 1500€. What newcomers in the world of online casinos often do not yet know sufficiently: Not the amount is the primary indicator of a good bonus. First and foremost, it is the turnover conditions that should be closely examined. Only if the turnover conditions are manageable, the new customer also has a chance to bring the winnings just achieved to the final payout.

Basically, the leading online casinos require a 35-fold mandatory turnover before winnings become withdrawable. If you take a look at the bonus conditions of 1xSlots Casino, you will see that the casino bonus is in the midfield and requires the usual 35-times turnover.

However, the trained eye quickly sees: the time period available to customers at 1xSlots Casino to fulfill the bonus requirements is very tight: While some casino operators provide 30 days or more to convert the bonus winnings into real money, 1xSlot Casino sets a period of just 7 days.

Of course, this is no reason to talk about fraud or unserious conditions. After all, the online casino communicates its time requirements clearly and transparently in the terms and conditions, which can be viewed with one click on the offer page. Nevertheless, it is up to our neutral review to point out that the time period is tight in everyday life. For those who actually want to clear the bonus, we recommend that you do not use the full amount of the bonus.

This reduces the amount that needs to be wagered. If you play actively and observe the wagering limits that are set for clearing the bonus (€5 per wager), you should be able to clear up to €500 with a little luck. In order for the amount of the bonus to be and remain attractive to an even larger number of new customers, 1xSlots Casino should extend the time period that customers have for turnover.



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